2013 Summer News

ULF Summer News

Communication is a very important part of our life together as families with white matter disease. Each year our annual summer conference is a comprehensive picture of what is going on in science during the current year. Developments and findings in one area always lead to discoveries in other areas of interest. So, while a specific disease may not be mentioned on the program, it is likely that there will be reference and mention in almost every area as we move forward through the conference agenda. Each year we gather a group of presenters from around the world whose current research is of vital interest to the leukodystrophies.

Your presence and participation are both invited and encouraged as we gather again this year in DeKalb, IL for the 31st annual meeting of the ULF. This year’s meeting is dedicated to the memory of Paula Brazeal. immediate past president, who served the ULF for more than twenty-five years. Elsewhere in this Newsletter is a Conference registration form and a tentative Family Conference agenda. There will be a few additions and changes prior to July, but you can now have an early look at what is being planned. The annual auction is always a big hit and an important ways and means event for the ULF. Please bring an auction item with you.  Also this  year, two distinguished scientists who have given much to the ULF will be specially honored.  A delightful wine tasting event on Friday evening  will top off the recognition festivities. Please take a moment now and send in your registration for the conference. A form is provided for your convenience. Remember, your presence is very important to all of us.

We currently have a number of special items on hand in the equipment exchange. Photos and descriptions are included in this Newsletter. The receiving family is responsible for shipping costs.

Please remember to send in your dues.  We need everyone’s participation. It is your dues plus special remembrances in memory or in honor of someone that keeps the ULF moving forward on the cutting edge of science. Thank you for being included.

I look forward to seeing you in DeKalb in July!


William Kintner, D.Min., Th.M.
ULF President

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2013 Summer Newsletter