Medical Research Charities

The United Leukodystrophy Foundation is a member of the Medical Research Charities of America federation and is proud to announce its participation in Share America! Share America! is a consortium of medical research, human service, and Christian service agencies. By joining together, this consortium of service-oriented agencies offers corporations and state and federal agencies an opportunity to expand their employees’ charitable giving options beyond United Way. Share America! represents local, regional, national, and international charities serving a variety of missions ranging from hunger relief to medical research. By joining together with many other like-minded non-profits, the ULF can help its membership participate in more cost effective, efficient, and satisfying workplace fundraising campaigns.

What you can do as a company leader…

The ULF invites business leaders to provide a choice in workplace giving through Share America!, empowering the company and its employees to partner with some of America’s finest charities. Share America! encourages choice in charitable giving and does not preclude current workplace campaigns, such as United Way. Private sector companies now have the flexibility to choose charitable agencies which provide the services and programs that more closely align with the company’s mission and philosophy. An employee can select one charity or a group of charities when making decisions about allocating their workplace charitable gifts.

Federal and state employees have always had much broader choices than just the United Way for payroll deduction giving in their campaigns. Now, private sector companies are beginning to extend this benefit to their employees resulting in increases in total giving. When given choices like ULF and other agencies in the alliance, experience has shown employee participation increases along with the satisfaction that employees feel in giving.

What you can do as an individual…

Individuals can present their employers with the option to utilize the Share America! workplace campaign program, providing the company the opportunity to partner with a diverse group of outstanding charities including the ULF. Share America! will customize a workplace campaign for each company, giving employees choices that meet their needs.

How to find out more….

To find out how to participate or help coordinate a workplace fund raising campaign at your company, contact the ULF Office at 1-800-728-5483.