Claudette Collier with Grandaughter


Claudette Collier
Powers Lake, Wisconsin

In May 2016, Claudette learned that her granddaughter, Adele, was diagnosed with 4H Leukodystrophy. After that, Claudette was determined to find out all she could about Leukodystrophy. She wanted to do something, anything, to make sense of the nightmare the family was living. Claudette set out on her journey and luckily found ULF.

The ULF provided guidance, information, emotional support, medical expertise and much more. Her family is so thankful for the Foundation.

By July 2016, the 3 grandparents of Adele headed to Omaha for their first ULF conference. It was there, they found out that they had a new extended family. Everyone could not have been more supportive and caring, from the staff to the families and medical experts. Finally, they could begin to see a way forward.

As a member since 2016, Claudette is proud to say she is now a new member of the Board of Directors.

“The ULF is an amazing organization. To be a part of something so important is an honor and truly humbling. I believe, together, we can make great things happen.”

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