Yolanda Chacón-Serna


Yolanda Chacón-Serna
Bakersfield, California

Yolanda’s family is affected by Adult Onset Hereditary Leukoencephalopathy with Spheroids. It unfortunately took her mother’s life.

After that, the defective gene was also found to have been passed on to her sister.

Thanks to early detection, her sister was able to participate in a clinical trial bone marrow transplant in Minnesota in October of 2019.

Yolanda’s passion and life work is to support her community and environment. Therefore, she advocates for healthcare and works towards social and economic justice.

The ULF gives her the opportunity to share the hope, awareness, research. It also helps her give support to other families facing a leukodystrophy diagnosis.

Yolanda is grateful for the advancement in science and research that was able to offer hope for herself and her sisters. Yolanda wishes to continue her mother’s legacy by sharing the message “You are not alone. Never lose hope.”

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