The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of November 2018. We apologize for any inadvertent omission or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Liam Becker: Amy Becker

Nathan and Kathryn Borge: John and Karen Sheahan

Alex Bouley: Bernard and Alice Levine

Gregory Brown: Raymond and Michelle Muratore

Devon Delage: Charlene Delage

Noam Dichek: Dina Dickek

Savannah Holman: Karen Hutchison

Joshua Johnston: James and Nancy Johnston

Alec Jump: Kyle and Julie Jump

Kris Kintner: Colleen Kintner

Neil Kushnick: Jerome and Nancy Kushnick

Christina LaBorde: Steven and April Wagner

Jaxson LaBorde: Steven and April Wagner

Robin Loercher: Katy Klaus

Meghan McEneany: Michael and Susan McEneany

Quinton Nitahara: Robin Hirano

Garrett Ritchie: Tom and Virginia Ritchie

Eric Stewart: Susan Stewart


Matteo Akoskin: Jennifer Scholnick

James D. Anderson: Darlene Anderson

Richard J. Anderson: Darlene Anderson

Jacob Ayers: Sheldon and Kathi Wolf

Samuel Berger: Mitchell and Samuel Berger Trust

Peter Campagnone: Anna Campagnone

Robert Campagnone, Jr.: Anna Campagnone

Vincent Louis Capozzi: Jay and Alyson Goodman, John Spagnola, Paul Strizzi

Robert Cleary: Jeanne Cleary

Kelly Cooper: Richard and Patricia Teachout

Jim Dicks: William and Joanne Connell

Dylan Freeman: Charles and Carol Valiquette

Jonathan Gall: Meredith Gall

Lauren Glenn: Thomas and Anne Glenn

Mareno Wayne Grotti: Steven and April Wagner

Jeremy Hoke: John Hoke

Michael Jungwirth: John Jungwirth

Clint Karlsrud: Chris and Amy Karlsrud

Kristy Kintner: Colleen Kintner

William Kintner: Colleen Kintner

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Susan McCoy

Paul Morkavage: Steven and Joanna Gallant

Jessica Naugle: Mark and Mary Ann Naugle

Tommy Pacey: Jason Brower, Mary Beth Duda, Kaoru Dunbar, Vicki Enright, Janet Fleming Arnouil, Jaime Freedman, Laura Heinz Wawrzaszek, Leslie Jourdain, Diana Kushenbach, Jeanne Noe, Lynn Passarelli, Gerry Reed, Mona Sahni Hines, Nancy Satterfield, Yukie Saucedo, Cheryl Scantlen, Debbie Scully, Mary Sherrick, Wilma Van Arragon, Jeff Wojtowicz, Ardiana Xhaferaj

Joseph Perri: Gregorio Perri

Allison Pizzica: Susan Pizzica

Kevin Rauner: Keely Haag, Amy Wiese

Carl Rice: Norma Dimmitt

Mark Ritchie: Tom and Virginia Ritchie

Daniel Schacht: David and Lisa Schacht

David Strock: Terri Scott

Joyce Strock: Terri Scott

Steven Tchernoff: Norman and Linda Tchernoff

Richard Weber: Owen Weber

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