Every year, the ULF welcomes researchers from all over the world to submit their project proposals for funding. Applications are accepted from June 1 to the beginning of October. The Medical and Scientific Advisory Board’s Grant Committee reviews the applications during October and November, and the applicants are informed of their decision in December. Applicants will be notified of their application status following the December Board Meeting, which is held on the second Monday of the month. 

Applications involving any of the leukodystrophies with budgets up to $30,000 (plus up to 10% indirect costs) are welcome to apply. The ULF Medical and Scientific Advisory Board will review applications for scientific merit, feasibility, and likelihood to advance the field. Funding will be awarded by the end of December 2022 and extend for one year. 

Researchers must use the ULF Research Grant Application and submit applications electronically to office@ulf.org. Funded investigators will be invited to present their research at a future ULF Scientific Symposium in the Chicagoland area. 

Applications must be submitted by October 4, 2022.

ULF-Funded Research Projects

in grant money
awarded to date

22 Projects Supported

Global Impact, projects
are funded domestically & internationally

The ULF began funding research projects in 2010. So far, the ULF has funded over $450,000 in leukodystrophy research projects. Thanks to a generous donation from Hugo and Ann Moser, we were able to establish an endowment that generates the funds that we allocate for research every year. If you make a donation to the foundation that is research restricted, this is where your funds go! Every year, we take a look at how much has been donated to the research endowment in general, and for specific types, and that guides our Grant Committees decisions on who will receive funding. If type specific funds are left over from year to year, we allow the specific funds to grow until a project that is worthy of funding comes around. 

*Project funds with an asterisk designate a project that was funded with donations specifically allocated for that type of leukodystrophy.

2021Vivi HeineAmsterdam UMCCerebral ALD (cALD)$30,000*
2020Akshata AlmadChildren's Hospital of PhiladelphiaAicardi-Goutieres Syndrome$33,000
2020Thomas DurcanMcGill UniversityVanishing White Matter$16,500
2020Keith Van HarenStanford University Medical CenterCerebral ALD (cALD)$16,500
2019Amer AlamUniversity of MinnesotaALD$33,000
2019Joshua BonkowskyUniversity of UtahALD$13,000*
2019Markus HoferUniversity of Sydney, AustraliaAGS$33,000
2019Paul WatkinsKennedy Krieger InstituteALD$8,671*
2018Alessandro MichienziUniversity of Rome, ItalyAGS$33,000
2018Amy WaldmanChildren's Hospital of PhiladelphiaAlexander Disease$33,000
2017Ernesto BongarzoneUniversity of IL at ChicagoKrabbe$33,000
2017Reena KarthaUniversity of MNALD$15,000*
2017Mark SandsWashington University (Kansas)Various$33,000
2017Natasha SniderUniversity of NC at Chapel HillAlexander Disease$33,000
2016Tracy HagemannUniversity of WIAlexander Disease$33,000
2016Quasar PadiathUniversity of PittsburghADLD$33,000
2016Deborah RenaudMayo ClinicAMN$3,841
2015Adeline VanderverChildren's National Health SystemVarious$20,000
2015Weston MilleUniversity of MNALD$6,000
2015Ian DuncanUniversity of WIPMD$35,000
2014Ian DuncanUniversity of WIPMD$35,000
2014Fabrice DabertrandUVM College of MedicineCADASIL$25,000
2010Phyllis FaustColumbia UniversityZellweger$5,000
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