Fundraisers that have Benefitted the ULF

Kicks for Clark: A ULF family hosts a kickball tournament and donated $8,000 proceeds to the ULF.

Raffle: The Rauner family solicited local vendors for donated prizes and then sold raffle tickets in their community, raising nearly $700 for the ULF.

School Projects: A sister of an affected sibling participates in school fundraisers and collects donations for ULF, raising around $150. 

South Wesleyan University Baseball Team Fundraiser: This annual fundraiser raises $100 every year for the ULF. 

Volleyball Tournament: The Sinnott Sandbar host an annual volleyball tournament, raising on average $3,000 each year.

Community Fund Drive: The Nicollette family works together with other local charities and the ULF receives a portion of the funds, around $200 every year.

Concession Sales: The Brown family sells concessions at an annual car race and donates proceeds, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand to the ULF.

Dinner Party: The Capozzi family hosted two parties per years and all attendance fees were donated to the ULF, raising around $30,000. 

Elizabeth Dupler Fundraiser: Family friend hosted a fundraiser in honor of Liz and raised $10,000 in 2018.

Halloween Neighborhood Fundraiser: A college student, needing a service project, handed out candy in his neighborhood and asked for donations during Halloween, raising $80 for ULF. 

5K for ULF: The Korth family hosted an annual 5K run and raised $2,000 for several years.

Dylan’s Quest for the Cure: The Changle Family has been involved with the ULF for many years, and through their initiative “Dylan’s Quest,” they raise money for Krabbe research by selling concessions at fairs and hosting awareness booths in their community. $18,000 has been raised for the ULF because of their efforts.

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