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2021 Scientific Symposium

This year’s session has passed! As we anxiously await next year (and crossing our fingers that we will be hosting in-person!), please check out the summaries from this year’s sessions! Half of these summaries were shared in the August 2021 Newsletter, and the other half will be shared in the November 2021 Newsletter.


The Scientific Symposium is a meeting for research, medical, and industry professionals. The one-day meeting takes place on the day before the Family Conference, and allows physicians, researchers, and more gather to share projects, discuss ideas, and network in a professional setting.

At this time, the Scientific Meeting is only open to scientific professionals. Affected individuals and families who are not scientific professionals are more than welcome to join us at the Family Conference. Information that is open for public discussion is shared at the Family Conference by the professional community, and allows for discussion and questions on a more intimate and personalized level. The Scientific Symposium is reserved for medical professionals to speak and network amongst peers.

When held in-person, Admission to the Scientific Symposium is $300 per person. This fee includes admission to all three days of the ULF Conference: the single day of Scientific Symposium, and the two days of Family Conference. All ten meals from Thursday to Sunday breakfast are included in the admission price as well. When held virtually, prices for registration are: $25 for students and allied health professionals, $50 for medical professionals (MDs, PhDs, etc.), and $250 for pharma/industry representatives.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the ULF by email at, or by calling 815-748-3211.

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