Dear valued supporter,

On behalf of the ULF, as the Treasurer, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the ULF. Without you, the organization would cease exist. It is through your contributions that helps us keep the doors open. Our main source of income is from donations.

Over the past several years we have been able to reduce our cost of doing business by reducing mailing costs through the use of social media and email, having national fundraisers, and this has kept us in sound financial shape.

This allows us to continue to provide grants to researchers as well as providing help to families in need.  We have endowments established that will help keep the ULF running for many years to come.

Donna Skwirut

The ULF is funded exclusively through private contributions. We have corporate sponsorships that allow us to facilitate the execution of the annual conference, and the rest comes from private individuals or foundations. Here is the breakdown of incoming funds for the 2019 financial year:

2019 Total Cash Revenue$414,822.20Percentage
Amazon Smile$760.320.18%
Annual Appeal$34,453.008.31%
Benefit Drawing$15,184.003.66%
Giving Tuesday$4,386.001.06%
Memorial Gifts$24,469.005.90%
Misc. Giving$12,519.433.02%
Salaried Giving$27,948.716.74%
Third Party Fundraisers$13,963.833.37%
Vacation Raffle$18,283.004.41%

In addition to the cash donations that come in (illustrated above), we also have revenue that helps us sustain our two endowment funds: Research and Programming. The Research Endowment helps us fund the annual leukodystrophy research grant cycle, and the Program Endowment is a safety net of operating funds for the Foundation. We strive to have a constant flow of donations incoming into the Foundation to ensure that the Foundation can reliably maintain its mission year-in and year-out.

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