The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of April 2019. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


MaryAnn Backenson: Bryon and Kathleen Backenson

Jarod Barndollar: Roger and Donna Barndollar

Steven Bomze: Michael Bomze

Thomas Cunningham: Sallie Griffiths

Emma Gilbert: Dorothy Jackson

Joshua Ryan Haskins: William and Carol Haskins

Anne Hinson: Ronald and Janice Wilson

Kris Kintner: Collen Kintner

Dawson Koehler: James and Harlene Szczerba

Farooque Rehman: Annila Rehman

Daxton Wallace: Sandy Wallace


Thomas Andre: David and Gail Andre

William Armstrong: Stuart Armstrong and Brenda Bates

Robby Backenson: Bryon and Kathleen Backenson

Marie DeSpelder Banta: John and Susan Tibor, Jr.

Jason Barndollar: Roger and Donna Barndollar

Zenko and Zenovia Bihun: Fenton Taylor

Lisaanne Brunetti: Alfred and Lucille Brunetti

Cole Buckingham: Alisa May

Vincent Louis Capozzi: Margaret and Richard Bushey

Levi Carter: Phyllis Thomson and Steven Carter

Richard Carter: Phyllis Thomson and Steven Carter

Dino Ciaburri, Jr.: John and Susan Tibor, Jr.

Kelly Cooper: Richard and Patricia Teachout

Travis Curry: Debra Curry

Amanda Dec: Daniel and Lynne Massanisso

Eric Dittenhafer: Fred and Marianne McKelvy

Mac Fingeroot: Natalie Fingeroot

Dylan Freeman: Charles and Carol Valiquette

Dustin Fuller: Nancy Eckerd

Andrew Graf: James and Krista Mannion

Brian Green: Sallie Griffiths

Derek and Graham Halley: Ian and Melanie Halley

Christopher Henne: Douglas and Lynn Henne

Jason Hermacinski: Norman and Ellen Brown, Kenneth and Dona Clark, Terri Dole, Claude and Patricia Gilkerson, Jan Johnson, Paul Kannenberg, Joseph and Patricia Kennell, David and Linda Kerler, Mark and Lautrecia King, Dennis and Catharine Lane, Norma Millard, Steve and Dana Polhemus, Donald and Sharon Puryear, Phyllis Rodcay, Lory Sandberg, Ronald and Vicki Smallenberger, Clark and Linda Smith, Sandra Tantillo, James and Carol Wacek

Garner Hicks: Sallie Griffiths

Robert Hodge: Sallie Griffiths

Andrew Johnson: Ted Cawley

Kristy Kintner: Colleen Kintner

Dr. William Kintner: Colleen Kintner

Lauran Lancaster: Vincent and Tiffany Lancaster

Timothy Mandeville: Martha Mandeville

Arlen May: Alisa May

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy

Ramon Abanilla and Dylan Mercer: American Express Foundation

Tyler Miller: Debra Curry

Kyle Murphy: Wayne and Karen Murphy

Robert Neubauer: Judith Neubauer

Jack and Faye Nimmer: John Nimmer

Deborah Percy: Frederick and Janina Percy

Nick Phillips: Darryl and Valerie Phillips

Alexander Priest: Gregg and Rebecca Priest

Kevin Rauner: Robert and Yvonne Rauner

Thomas Reising: Douglas and Becky Reising

Mark Reynolds: Rex and Carole McKee

Shayde Rudenick: Alisa May

Judith Skinner: Lloyd Skinner

Rodrick and Kevin Skinner: Lloyd Skinner

Bradley Smith: James and Janice Schaffner

J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.: Anonymous

Emily Ann Walker: Laura Harrell

Suzanne Yamnitz: Larry and Delores Yamnitz

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