The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of August 2019. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Gregory Brown: Brownie’s Pro and Sports Hobbies Shop, James and Lois La Stella

Max Szalkus: Priscilla Fisher

Daxton Wallace: Sandy Wallace


Ramon Abanilla and Dylan Mercer: American Express Foundation

Robert Backenson: Kenneth and Mary Margaret Sheppard 

Robert and Christopher Bellendir: Thomas and Mary Lous Rioux 

Zenko and Zenovia Bihun: Oleh and Roxolana Saciuk 

Geoffrey Gendron: Nina Gendron 

Matthew Joiner: Paulette Arrington 

Zachary Lieber: Edward and Karen Lieber 

Katie Maloney: Susan Maloney 

Chris Marlowe: Donna Wolk 

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christie McCoy, Sue McCoy 

TannaLynne Putzler: Roger and Linda Putzler 

Kevin Rauner: Roberta Ourecky 

Ashley Resnick: Steve and Kimberly Resnick 

J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.: Anonymous 

Alyssa Stramel: Sharlene Langford 

Kay Lynn Teeples: Janice Bobo 

Richard Welsch: Charles and Susan Welsch

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