The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of February 2020. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Shayla Arrotta: Taytum Arrotta 

The Brazeal Family: Patrick & Pamela Mumey 

Zane Dial: Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sandra Dial 

Sue Gasper: Susan Chandler 

Jayce T. Grafenauer: Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Decker 

Frank Kauzlarich: Katie Kauzlarich 

Chris Kelley: James & Harlene Szczerba 

Dawson Koehler: James & Harlene Szczerba 

Neil Kushnick: Jerome & Nancy Kushnick 

Jackson Henry Miller: Robert & Kathleen Miller 

Quinton Nitahara: Jeremy & Malissa Jacks


Dwight Otis Anderson: Kenneth & Sandra Anderson, Melanie Bimes, and Elizabeth & Charles Heston 

Sydney Clanagan: Mr. Russell Clanagan 

Terry Dunham: Terry & Susan Dunham 

Gaia Fasanella: Ms. Amalia De Candia 

Marlene C. Fey: Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Delores Yamnitz 

JoAnn Fitzpatrick: John & Mary Cain, Ronald & Connie Crawford, and Richard & Ruthanne Wohlgamuth 

Jonathan P. Gall: Meredith Gall 

George E. Haines: Mrs. Cheryl Haines 

James D. & Richard E. Jasmon-Anderson: Melanie Bimes and Elizabeth & Charles Heston 

Michael Jungwirth: Ms. Joan Jungwirth 

Clint Karlsrud: Rodolfo & Gloria LeDesma 

Kristy Kintner: Ms. Elaine B. Burdick 

Kelli Kovacs: Kathy Kovacs 

Sean McCoy: Mr. Richard & Christi McCoy and Ms. Sue McCoy 

Ramon Abailla Jr. and Dylan Mercer: Ms. Melodie G. Carver 

Allison Muller: Ms. Dolores Bolsega 

Dr. William J. Owen: William & Elva Owen 

Trey and Kirk Padgett: Bill & Jana Padgett 

Allison M. Pizzica: Anonymous 

TannaLynne Putzler: Mr. & Mrs. Roger and Linda Putzler 

Mariann Sekula: Mr. & Mrs. Walter and Bernadine Sekula 

J. Kenneth Smith Jr.: Anonymous

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