Dylan was born on April 15, 2009, Daddy’s Little tax Deduction!

Dylan Joseph Changle

For the first 5 months he progressed like a normal child, until one day, which seemed like a case of collie, he was taken into Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, by his new, first time mom. The visit proved to be anything than routine.  After a two week stay, and numerous tests, and two spinal taps, the results came back from one of the labs. It was Leukodystrophty Krabbe Disease. The neurologist treating him had only “heard” of it, never saw a patient afflicted with it.

Things went slowly downhill from there.

Dylan slowly lost his will to eat, to move, he was losing his sight until all that was left was a very frail little baby. Dylan was 14 lb. 9 oz. at the time of diagnosis, he said just under 5 lbs. at the time of his passing.

He left this earth for God’s Playground on December 22, 2009.