Where to Begin

Don’t known where to start? Have no fear – the ULF has done some digging for you. We have made a list of some national chain restaurants who participate in Fundraising nights for non-profit organizations similar to the ULF. You may also want to visit a local restaurant in your area and inquire with their manager. You would be surprised how many restaurants partake in fundraising nights! When filling out their application, they may ask you for the ULF’s information, such as our address, EIN or a W-9 (bottom of page). 

Click Here For List of Fundraising Night Restaurants

Day of Event Tips

• Check in with the restaurant to confirm your plans.

• Send out last-minute reminders on social media and other outlets to the community.

• Arrive at the restaurant ahead of time and check in with the manager.

• Be available on site in case any of your supporters have questions. Have copies of our “ULF Quick Facts Flyer” on hand to help raise awareness. 

• Don’t forget to enjoy a meal with your own family!

Address and ein

United Leukodystrophy Foundation

224 N 2nd st., Suite 2

DeKalb, IL. 60115

EIN 35-1557361

If you have any questions or need to obtain a copy of the ULF’s W-9, please contact office@ulf.org