The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of February 2018. We apologize for any inadvertent omission or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Carter Bowman: Katie Bowman, Ken Monahan

Zane Dial: Martha Conlon

Dori Greene: Andrew and Carol Babyak

Alec Jump: James and Leesa Jump

Tyler Kelly: Joanna Ankney-Thompson

Matthew Kelly: Joanna Ankney-Thompson

Dawson Koehler: James and Harlene Szczerba

Sean Kulzer: Terry and Sharla Taylor

Christina LaBorde: Steven and April Wagner

Jaxson D. LaBorde: Steven and April Wagner

Silas J. Lynch: Brian and Katie Lynch


Ramon Pollosco Abanilla: Melodie Carver

Jeanie Anderson: Erin Anderson

Jacob Ayers: Diane Valenti

Ellen Borchers: Joseph and Pamela Barga

Kim Borchers: Joseph and Pamela Barga

Gregory Gerard: Donna Arnold

Lauren Glenn: Thomas and Anne Glenn

Mareno Wayne Grotti: Steven and April Wagner

Jake Hermann: Jessica Hermann

Lauren Elizabeth Lancaster: Vincent and Tiffany Lancaster

Peter MacDonald: Meg Shatilla and Myles MacDonald

Danny Mandell: Terri Daniel

Paul Masur: Lynelle Schwedhelm

Robert McVerry, Jr.: Matthew Weidner

Dylan Carl Mercer: Melodie Carver

Gary Nye: Roger and Mary Behnfeldt, Michael Buchhop, Donald and Kim Cordes, Jay and Patricia Finn, Roger and Sharon Frey, Jerry and Marilyn Hershberger, David and Deborah Layman, Leonard and Doretta Longstreet, Thomas and Tamara McAlear, Diane Meyer, Susan Nye, Tricia Roth, Kenneth and Evon Rufenacht, Carol Suz Wirick, Mike Tedrow, Robert and Suzanne Tilse

Kevin Rauner: Carolyn Cook

Nicholas Schofield: Amon and Bonnie Brown

Christopher Stewart: Lynelle Schwedhelm

Junior Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

Gerry Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

Ricky Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

Joey Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

Jimmy Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

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