The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of September 2019. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Alyssa Beck: Linda Beck 

Shawn Blake: Nick and Jill Siragusa 

Clark Cutler: Scott Beck, Jonathan and Kristen Piske, Michael and Sharon Wadle 

Megan Early: Chris and Catherine Early 

Bradley Hartman: Jamie Barlow 

Ryan Jean: Ronald and Debra Jean 

Chris Kelley: James and Harlene Szczerba 

Dawson Koehler: James and Harlene Szczerba 

Mario Lopez: Mario and Alicia Lopez 

Lily Marrars: John and N.C. Vanlandingham 

Nicholas Purschke: David and Patricia Schweissguth 

Robert and Yvonne Rauner: Carroll and Jenne Crist 

Kimberly Wachs: Beatrice Edwards 

Daxton Wallace: Sandy Wallace 

Samuel Weyrich: Jon and Elizabeth Foy


Amy Lynn Branning: Lewis and Deborah Barnard 

Robert Cleary: Fanwood Bagels 

Chris Cotsiopoulos: Jack Bavaro 

Ryan Criste: Joseph and Paula Criste 

Jason D’Agostino: Harvey and Diane Steiner 

Terry Dunham: Terry and Susan Dunham 

Ronald Edwards: Beatrice Edwards 

Dylan Freeman: Charles and Carol Valiquette 

Dustin Fuller: Nancy Eckerd 

Yaya Garber: Ron Garber and June Cheng 

Geoffrey Gendron: Nina Gendron 

Mande Gumbs: Thomas Blandford, Jr. 

Lisette Loeb Guth: Judi Guth 

Evan Herring: Irene Herring 

Garner Hicks: Gen Griffiths 

Aaron Hultman: Robert and Kathleen Greene 

Michael Jungwirth: Joan Jungwirth 

Shane Massey: Kevin McLaughlin and Amantha Massey-McLaughlin 

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy 

Ramon Abanilla and Dylan Mercer: American Express Foundation, Melodie Carver 

Alison Muller: Jay and Cynthia Muller 

John O’Sullivan: Rosemary O’Sullivan 

Daniel Plaskett: Litchfield County BMX Group 

Grace Ragon: Brian and Nana Fox 

Kevin Rauner: Weslie and Jody Mohling, Roberty Ourecky 

Mark Reynolds: Rene and Nancy Eris 

Ryan Ruckdeschel: Richard and Stephanie Marchant 

Shayde Rudenick: Stephen Rudenick 

David Sanborn: John Sanborn 

Mariann Sekula: Walter and Bernadine Sekula 

Kelly and Jeffrey Smith: Kevin and Nancy Smith 

Joshua Steiner: Harvey and Diane Steiner 

Jeremiah Stockton: Patricia Stockton 

Dane Stream: Bonita Horn 

Gerald Suess: George Cailor, Theodore Cougras, William and Debra Jeffries, Raymond and Carole Kavinsky, Robert and Lynn Sahli 

Daniel Valenzuela: Elia Valenzuela 

Katherine Welch: Nora Welch 

Thomas Williams: Patricia Atkinson, Geiger Methodist Church, Otis Hutcherson, Regina Martin, Harold and Kyla Moore, The Scooba Riding Club, Beatrice Whiteside, Sherlyn Whiteside 

Megan Wilson: Vance and Melinda McGowan

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