Are you newly diagnosed?

The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of October 2020. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


C. Michael Jaynes: Angela Pontius, C. Michael Jaynes – All those fighting leukodystrophies and their loved ones

Charlene DeLage: Charlene DeLage – We pray that science can finally eradicate leukodystrophies

Daxton Wallace: Sandy Wallace 

Isabella Hreska: Donna Skwirut 

Jayce Grafenauer: Thomas Grafenauer, Terry L. Decker, Carol Grafenauer, Joan Schultheis – We love him so much and the joy he brings to everyone! We’re praying for a cure for all! This is a wonderful fundraiser! God bless!

Joshua Perdomo: Yvette Torrents, Celines Perdomo, Anabel Puig Ramos, Anonymous, Anonymous

Kristopher Kintner: Colleen Kintner 

The Reinhart Family: Kandace Trubey


Andy Fingeroot: Alan Fingeroot 

Becky Gates: Kathy Farmer – Loving memory of Becky who fought hard and long, Kathy A. Krause, Rosamaria Dalessandro 

Bill and Kristy Kintner: Colleen Kintner 

Brad Allan Reynolds: Carole McKee, Rex McKee 

Caroline Ruby Vetter: Abigail Burkett Vetter 

Catherine Higgins: Karen Higgins 

Christopher Benson: Wells Fargo, Aide Lara-Benson 

Devon DeLage: Charlene DeLage 

Garrett Ritchie: Dan Oki, Mary Oki 

Jane Emery: Mark Downey 

Jessica Berkery: Valentina Arnold 

Kim Raleigh: Philip Raleigh, Patricia Raleigh 

Michelle Fingeroot: Alan Fingeroot 

Mitchell & Matthew Sundstrom: Linda Ricciotti 

Nickolas Myers: Robin Cannon – We love you Nickolas! You were a great example of finding joy in every day! 

Robyn Leigh Holyoke: Thomas Holyoke, Carol Holyoke 

Sean McCoy: Richard McCoy, Sue McCoy 

Ted Abernethy: Jill Johnson 

Tyler John Holyoke: Thomas Holyoke, Carol Holyoke 

Zenko Bihun: Oksana Bihun – In honor of All AMN Symptomatic Carriers 

Zenovia Bihun: Oksana Bihun – In honor of All AMN Symptomatic Carriers

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