Kristie DeMarco


Kristie DeMarco
Windham, Maine

Kristie graduated from Cornell University and currently works at TD Bank as SVP, Head of US Enterprise Data & Analytics. She is a self-motivated, analytical problem solver with 25+ years of success in delivering multi-million dollar initiatives while providing comprehensive leadership to large scale teams.

Along with being a leader at TD Bank, Kristie is a wife, mom of four children, and an athlete. She is an avid open water swimmer and Ironman triathlete.  

In 2017, Kristie’s health started to deteriorate and after two years of searching for answers she was diagnosed with Refsum disease which is an ultra-rare Leukodystrophy.

Now, she is on a mission to find better therapeutic methods and ultimately a cure for Refsum Disease. 

Kristie joined the ULF board in 2019 because she believes that a key to success in rare disease is collaboration amongst patient advocacy groups. 

She is also the founder and President of the Global DARE Foundation, a Refsum focused foundation.

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