The deadline to apply has now passed.
We will reach out to everyone who applied to notify them about the status of their application by July 31st. Please be patient as the Committee considers all of the applications we received.


Retrophin has generously offered funds to establish the ULF COVID-19 Relief Fund. With this fund, the ULF hopes to provide financial assistance to our leukodystrophy-affected families who are struggling with essential expenses as a result of job loss because of COVID-19. These $500.00 USD awards are grants and do not need to be repaid.

Each grant application is reviewed individually by a committee on a weekly basis and fund distribution will occur after the July 11, 2020 application deadline. Eligibility for a grant requires:

  • Proof of USA Residency. Citizenship is not required, but we are only able to grant funds to USA residents. Funds will be sent via written check.
  • Proof of leukodystrophy diagnosis (letter from physician, test results with diagnosis in comments, etc.). These will be called upon to be validated by your doctor’s office.
  • Proof of job loss because of COVID-19. Please provide paperwork from filing for unemployment.

Please exclude social security numbers when submitting documents with application. 

We encourage people to apply even if they do not fit the exact criteria. The only criteria to be strictly enforced will be the proof of leukodystrophy diagnosis within the immediate family. Families who have lost their source of income will be placed at the top of the list, but any family is welcome to apply.

Application Deadline: July 11, 2020

The information and documentation that you submit will not go outside of the ULF. We will not share any of the material given to us, and it will only be used in reference to the application of the financial relief. We ask for the documentation to ensure that the funds are going to leukodystrophy families that are the most in need as we have a responsibility to our donors to ensure the funds are dispersed ethically.

The video below explains the program and the application process, and might answer any questions you may have. Any other questions about the grant program can be directed to Keely Haag, Director of Operations, at

**Note: After the recording of the video, the grants committee decided to extend the deadline to July 11th. There is no advantage in meeting the original July 4th deadline. We will consider all applications that are submitted by July 11th equally.**

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