Tips for a successful Food Fundraising Night

The more people who know about the event in advance, the higher your attendance is likely to be. Number one way to have a successful restaurant night fundraiser is to publicize!

Send out an invitation that promotes the event as a way to help the ULF. “Come for a meal at XYZ Restaurant and help raise money and awareness for leukodystrophy!”

Tell your community the date and hours so they know that they have some flexibility.

Broadcast that this is a hassle-free event. Let your community know that all they have to do is eat, and the restaurant will automatically donate a percentage of what they spend to the ULF.

Remind supporters what they need to do so your fundraiser gets credit—whether that’s to bring the flyer, use a code or mention your group’s name. Most restaurants will not allow groups to pass out flyers or tickets on site, which makes it even more important to distribute them widely in advance.

When publicizing your restaurant fundraiser night, reach out to your community in a variety of ways, including email, Facebook, and Twitter. Post a screenshot of the flyer on Facebook as a way to catch people’s attention.

• A few days before the event, Send a reminder and advise your community again what they need to bring to participate.

Flyers are often provided to you by the restaurant. Whether you make them yourself, or they are provided to you – drop them off at local community hot-spots. (Libraries, churches, schools, offices, recreation centers, etc.)

Tool Kits

Sample Flyer Template

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Leukodystrophy Awareness Flyers