The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of April 2018. We apologize for any inadvertent omission or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Asher Fleming-Bloxom: Christine Fleming-Bloxom

Nana Gumbs: Thomas Blandford, Jr.

Joshua Ryan Haskins: William and Carol Haskins

Daniel Hughes: Southern Wesleyan University

Ryan Jean: Ronald and Debra Jean

Tyler Kelly: Joanna Ankney-Thompson

Ryan D. Miller: Anna Mae Miller

Don Walt: Thomas and Debra Johnson


Ramon Pollosco Abanilla: Melodie Carver

William Armstrong: Stuart Armstrong and Brenda Bates

Christopher Billmyre: Neal and Lelia Siebold

Bart Blacklaw: Bonnie Escobedo

Lisaanne Brunetti: Alfred and Lucille Brunetti

Cole Buckingham: Alisa May

Sydney Clanagan: Russell Clanagan

Robert Cleary: Jeanne Cleary

Travis Curry: Debra Curry

Eric Dittenhafer: Fred and Marianne McKelvy

Michael Fischer: Lloyd and Sue Stewart

Don Fleming: Christine Fleming-Bloxom

Dylan Freeman: Charles and Carl Valiquette

Geoffrey Gendron: Nina Gendron

Joseph Goldman: Alfred and Phyllis Schneider

Sammy Goldman: Alfred and Phyllis Schneider

Michael Grandazza: Peter and Luella Grandazza

Christopher Henne: Douglas and Lynn Henne

Adam Johnson: James and Judy Barnes,Tim and Janet Thieme

Andrew Johnston: Keith and Patti Johnston

Matthew Kelly: Joanna Ankney-Thompson

Kristy Kintner: Colleen Kintner

William Kintner: Colleen Kintner

Oliver Lapin: Amber Salzman

Britt Lemmond: Joseph Heathcott and Ashley Cruce

Arlen May: Alisa May

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy

Dylan Carl Mercer: Melodie Carver

Andrew Meyer: Gary and Sherry Meyer

Zachery Meyer: Gary and Sherry Meyer

Tyler Miller: Debra Curry

Kirk Padgett: Bill and Jana Padgett

Trey Padgett: Bill and Jana Padgett

Deborah Percy: Frederick and Janina Percy

Kevin Rauner: Robert and Yvonne Rauner

Thomas Reising: James and Carol McGinley, Douglas and Becky Reising

Staci Rettenmeier: Dale and Debra Rettenmeier

Mark Reynolds: Rex and Carole McKee

Sharon Rudenick: Stephen Rudenick

Shayde Rudenick: Stephen Rudenick, Alisa May

Josephine Salem: Joseph Heathcott and Ashley Cruce

Terry Serra, Jr.: Terry and Cheryl Serra

Nathan Tylavsky: Michael and Beverly Tylavsky

Suzanne Yamnitz: Larry and Delores Yamnitz

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