The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of May 2018. We apologize for any inadvertent omission or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815-748-3211.


W. Boone: Thomas Blandford, Jr.

Sophie Clarke: Julia Bolton

Michael Collins: Catherine Collins

Sue Gasper: Susan Chandler

Nana Gumbs: Thomas Blandford, Jr.

Lautaro Javier: Glen and Norma Grimme

Jackson Henry Miller: Robert and Kathleen Miller

Ryland Redden: Suzanne Cole, Wendy Frerich, Shay Neal, Jennifer Steen

Maya Stiles: Sabrina Gabler, Melissa Stiles

Mia Stiles: Sabrina Gabler, Melissa Stiles

Ryan Tong: Patricia Cooper


Blake Andrews: Darrell and Pamela Andres

Phillip Andrews: Darrell and Pamela Andrews

Marie Banta: John and Susan Tibor

Zenko Bihun: Oleh and Roxolana Saciuk

Zenovia Bihun: Olen and Roxolana Saciuk

Ellen Borchers: Joseph and Pamela Barga

Kim Borchers: Joseph and Pamela Barga

Olivia Borodychuk: Chad and Lisa Borodychuk

Harrison Botta: Laurie Baker, Rich and Elizabeth Botta, Patricia Coleman, Taylor Haluck, Debbie Irvine, Michael Manna, Donna Sayles, Patrick Zaccaro

Patrick Brown: Marlis Wilder, Elizabeth Woody

Charles Cammarata: Charles Cammarata, Sr.

Vinny Capozzi: Robert and Deborah Reitzel

Kent Carter: Dennis and Susan Neuhart

Dino Ciaburri, Jr.: John and Susan Tibor

David Colaiacomo: Nancy Colaiacomo

Kelly Cooper: Richard and Patricia Teachout

Anna Cutsor: James and Marie Cutsor

Ronnie Cutsor: James and Marie Cutsor

Brian Donahue: Patrick and Carol Donahue

Patrick Donahue: Patrick and Carol Donahue

William Dorn: Arthur Dorn

Terry Dunham: Tracey Aho, John Beidl, Gary and Caroline Blomquist, Aaron Ferrell, Natalie Rhymer, Zeph Van Allen

Dylan Freeman: Charles and Carol Valiquette

Jonathan Gall: Meredith Gall

Geoffrey Gendron: Nina Gendron

James Gonzalez: Mike and Jean Gonzalez

Russell Allen Hargrove: Carole Driskell

Ava Harms: Sam and Rebekah Rood

John Hirschbeck: James and Elizabeth Blake

Michael Hirschbeck: James and Elizabeth Blake

Robyn Leigh Holyoke: Thomas and Carol Holyoke

Tyler John Holyoke: Thomas and Carol Holyoke

John Horgan: James and Nancy Horgan

Shane Keeler: Robert and Melissa Johnson

Joshua Kolen: Martha Tonn

Nicholas Lamendola: Ruth Gammons, Sr.

Chris Leef: Forrest Leef

Shane Massey: Kevin McLaughlin and Amantha Massey-McLaughlin

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy

Paul Morkavage: Steven and Joanna Gallant

Jason Owen: William and Elva Owen

Kim Raleigh: Philip and Patricia Raleigh

Kevin Rauner: Rose Rauner

Farooq Rehman: Annila Rehman

Morgan Reilly: John and Jill Reilly

Donna Reising: James and Carol McGinley

Roger Reising: James and Carol McGinley

Judith Skinner: Lloyd Skinner

Kevin Skinner: Lloyd Skinner

Rodrick Skinner: Lloyd Skinner

Cole Smyth: Gary and Joan Smyth

Will Smyth: Gary and Joan Smyth

Alyssa Stramel: Tom and Stephanie Garrity

Michael Strathmann: William and Maureen Strathmann

Mark Sybert: Sandra Pizzini

Mark Taylor: James and Elizabeth Blake

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