The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of June 2018. We apologize for any inadvertent omission or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815-748-3211.


Sam Buck: Mr. and Mrs. Randall Horton

Marc D’Amico: Mr. and Mrs. Randall Horton

Kevin and Kerrie Duffy: Peter and Barbara Duffy

Emma Gilbert: Dorothy Jackson

Ronaldo John: Veronica John

Aleksandar Nedelkovski: Goran and Anita Nedelkovski

William Nusser: Robert and Nancy Nusser

Kathleen Ramirez: Mr. and Mrs. Randall Horton


Jessica Berkery: Daniel and Valentina Arnold, John and Joanne Galasso

Jane Butler: Robert Butler

Vincent Louis Capozzi: Paul Strizzi

Dania Cunningham: Brian Cunningham

Terry Dunham: Lois Cook, Marilynn DiGiacomo, Terry and Susan Dunham, Alan and Jeannie Gaus, Paul and Ingrid Howd, Alan and Cynthia Keagy, Richard and Hanna Nye, George and Jacqueline Ryals, Mary Weakley, Dorothy Whinnery

Andrea Dorie Green: Judith Cummings, William Griner, Ramona Miller, Jason and Jennifer Moore, Regina O’Neill, Carmen Pride

George Haines: Cheryl Haines

Garner Hicks: Gen Griffiths

Cheri Hull: Paul Engel

Michael Jungwirth: Joan Jungwirth

Richard Kyle Knight: Stanley and Joan Williams

Paul Korth: Doug and Sherri Troupe

Natalie Meadows: Janine Ciak

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy

Edward Melick: Phyllis Melick

William Morris: Charlene Miles

Kevin Nusser: Robert and Nancy Nusser

Luka Pelka: John and Terry Pelka

Kevin Rauner: Robert and Yvonne Rauner

Dan Renshaw: Kathleen Gelso

Paul Troupe: Doug and Sherri Troupe

Brian Urban: Clarence and Gloria Urban

Carson Vahldick: Nadine Gentry

Richard Welsch: Charles and Susan Welsch