The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of March 2019. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815-748-3211.


Alex Bouley: Terry and Kelly Smith

Brazeal Family: Patrick and Pamela Mumey

Gregory Brown: Brownie’s Pro and Sports Hobbies Shop

Zane Dial: Sabin and Erin Dial

Sean Kulzer: Terry and Sharla Taylor

Quinton Nitahara: Scott and Donna Nitahara

Nicholas Purschke: David and Patricia Schweissguth

Robert and Yvonne Rauner: John and Lynn Willey

Daxton Wallace: Sandy Wallace


Dylan Abanilla and Ramon Mercer: Melodie Garver, American Express Foundation

Jay W. Becker: Jina Ralston

Eva Blow: William Blow

Eli Bonney: John and Elizabeth Bonney

Kim and Ellen Borchers: Joseph and Pamela Barga

Harrison Botta: Maryann Brody, Edel Radford, Andrew and Jan Rodusky, Terry and Kelly Smith

Paula Brazeal: Harvey and Lynne Switzky

Ryan Carlson: Richard and Wendy Carlson

Anna and Ronnie Cutsor: James and Marie Cutsor

Jason D’Agostino: Harvey and Diane Steiner

Devon DeLage: Charlene DeLage

Francesca Fabrizio: Harvey and Diane Steiner

Maxwell Foutch: Shawn and Meg Foutch

Geoffrey Gendron: Nina Gendron

Gregory Gerard: Donna Arnold

Jerome Giuseffi: Kathleen Giuseffi

Lauren Glenn: Thomas and Anne Glenn

Sammy Goldman: Alfred and Phyllis Schneider

Joseph Guzman: Thomas Claudy and Anita Lewis

Thomas Hall: Leon and Barbara Machado

Jeffery Halter: Erhardt and Karen Kurzhals

James Hedrick: Rita Hedrick-Helmick

Jason Hermacinski: Dot Foods, John and Susan Payton

Aaron Hultman: John and Susan Greene

Clint Karlsrud: Rodolfo and Gloria LeDesma

Elizabeth Kirner: Grace Zambelli

Paul Korth: Audrey Ienn

Peter MacDonald: Meg Shatilla and Myles MacDonald

Kyle and Stephen Mach: Stephen and Ruthie Duenner

Danny Mandell: Terri Daniel

Arlen May: Joyce Mack

Sean McCoy: Richard and Christi McCoy, Sue McCoy

Ryan Monaghan: Robert and Michele Curtis

Hugo Moser: Ralph and Shirley Earle

Kyle Murphy: Scott Murphy

Julie Orloff: Jonathan and Lauren Glickman, Irving and Barbara Orloff

Tommy Pacey: Diana Faust

Trey and Kirk Padgett: Bill and Jana Padgett

Deborah Percy: Frederick and Janina Percy

Thomas Reising: James and Carol McGinley

Elena Routhier: A. Bernard and Joanne Stroshine

Shayde Rudenick: Joyce Mack

J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.: Anonymous

Mark Sybert: Sandra Pizzini

Daniel Valenzuela: Elia Valenzuela

Joanna Watkins: Jinna Ralston

Sylvester, Gerald, Jimmy, Joey, and Richard Weidner: James and Sandra Menne

Suzanne Yamnitz: Larry and Delores Yamnitz

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