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The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of February 2021. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Henry Crawley
David Crawley – I love you Henry. 

Holly Brenneman
Heidi Edwards 

Neil Kushnick
Nancy Kushnick 

Van Loofah Granddaughter


Allison Pizzica
James Wilson 

Andy Meyer
Shirley Murphy 

Corey Earley
Yvette Earley 

Dane Patrick Sinnott
Rosemary Lind 
Eric L. Lind 

Dr. Gerald Salen
Robert L. Steiner, M.D. 
Sandra Steiner 

Dylan Carl Mercer & Ramon Abanilla, Jr.
Melodie G. Carver 
American Express Foundation – JK Group 

Dylan Changle
Margo Fittipaldo 

Pam & Bryan Takamiya – In loving memory of Garrett. A life too short lost in a hard fought battle with ALD. 

Geoffrey Gendron
Nina Gendron 

Heather Brenneman-Boyer
Heidi Edwards 

J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.
Anonymous – In Memory of J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.

Jerald Plaskett
Theodore A. Hungerford Memorial Library 
Carol Deleppo 

Jeremy Hoke
Sharon Sheremet – Support for families and scientific research is critical – thank you for your dedication to the cause. 

Marc Chevrier
Robert L. Steiner, M.D. 
Sandra Steiner 

Matthew Yarczower
Marie Capitolo – May He rest in Peace From: Jennifer Pezsek, Julia Krik, Nicole Callahan, Sarah O’Rourke, Susan Pierson, Maria Vaccaro, Steve Hochwind, & Marie Capitolo 
Spencer Kostinsky 
Susan Rubin 
Nada Damjanac 
Duane Davis 
Mary Gallagher Abington School District Health Services 
Laura Kress 
Robert Rosenthal 
Abington School District Health Services 
Byron Goldstein 
Joe Tagliaferro 
Abington Senior High School – Donation from Abington Senior High School Administrative Team, Health Staff, Counseling Staff, and School Social Worker. 
Jim Melchor 
Marie Conley 
Bonnie Kash 

Paul Korth
Duane Ostdiek 

Phyllis Tripp-Brenneman
Heidi Edwards 

Roger Plaskett
Theodore A. Hungerford Memorial Library 
Carol Deleppo 

Salvatore Corso
Lawrence Inabnit 

Shayne Earley
Yvette Earley 

Wilder Burgess Umbarger
Mary I. Berneske

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