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The ULF received donations in memorial or honor for the following during the month of November 2021. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815-748-3211.

in honor of

Adele MossClaudette Alice CollierAdele Moss and all afflicted with 4H Leukodystrophy
Aidan ChapleauRobert Kidd
Ben ConleyLawrence Inabnit
Clark CutlerAnonymous
Collin M. O’BrienMichael O’Brien
Carolyn O’Brien
Daniel MillsAllyson Grames
Daxton WallaceSandy Wallace
Eric M. StewartSusan Stewart
Gabriel JamesDonna JohnsonThis donation is in support of a dear friends grandson. My friend Mike Riley was an amazing grandfather to Gabe. Mike lost his battle with COVID 19 and this donation is being made by all of his coworkers and friends. Mike loved Gabe and was ALWAYS there for him!! We would like to honor Mike’s memory but donating!! 
IzabellaYour Family Doctor, LLC
Joshua JohnstonJames Johnston
Nancy Johnston
Maddy SchmiedelJoan Toal
Maverick BurkardDuane J. Burkard
Kathy Burkard
Mitchell BergerEdward Beer
Richard Parilla
Jeffrey Beer
Jay Berger
Vicki Berger
Noam DichekDina Dichek
Paul RaunerJoan Carlson
Russell N. LenzenJulie Luke
The Groel FamilyWayne Snyder
Mary Snyder
The Rudenick FamilyBrian Hayes
William FeeleyCatherine Sacco
Zane DialMichael Dial
Sandra Dial

IN Memory OF

Amanda D. DecDaniel Massanisso
Lynne Massanisso
Amy ScottJulie Murphy
Clayton Murphy
Andy FingerootAlan Fingeroot
Michelle FingerootAlan Fingeroot
Averie ArmourChristine Logan
Betsy OgdenRichard Ogden
Pamela Ogden
Ty OgdenRichard Ogden
Pamela Ogden
Bill KintnerColleen Kintner
Kristopher Kintner
Kristy  KintnerColleen Kintner
Kristopher Kintner
Billy McCrystalWilliam McCrystal
Apolonia McCrystal
Jamie McCrystalWilliam McCrystal
Apolonia McCrystal
Timmy McCrystalWilliam McCrystal
Apolonia McCrystal
Brian Allan RobertsonJolyn M. Ek
Clint KarlsrudChris Karlsrud
Amy Karlsrud
Daniel J. PlaskettCatherine Bulger
Jean M. Eichner
Joan Weber
Roger PlaskettJoan Weber
Donna PlaskettDonald a. Smith Sr.
Doris Smith
Joan Weber
David WhitbyJ. Allan Whitby
Anna Whitby
Devon DelageCharlene DeLageWe are heartened to see the research being done.
William B. Delage
Dylan ChangleDylan’s Quest for the Cure
Joyce Changle
Joe changle
Dylan FreemanCharles Valiquette
Carol Valiquette
Florence FredricksonRobin Fredrickson
Gabriel J. EngbersTimothy Engbers
Ronda Engbers
Grady LyonsPatrick H. O’Reilly
J. Kenneth Smith, JrHubert J Gradel
JacobLinda Ferdin
Jacob Townsend AyersSheldon Wolf
Gary Hunter
Cyndi Hillebrand
James Michael RileyDonna Johnson
Jason HermacinskiTerri Dole
Jeremy HokeJohn Hoke
Jessica BerkeryValentina Arnold
Joanne Galasso
Jessica NaugleDonald Naugle
Linda Naugle
Joan CzajaAmbrose Corbett
Jonathan BilesDennis Laverty
Kathleen Laverty
Jordan Hideo TeraokaGlenn Teraoka
Joshua Dylan SteinerHarvey Steiner
Diane Steiner
Katie Margaret MaloneySusan Maloney
Kelli KovacsLori Johnson
Kelly SmithKevin Smith
Nancy Smith
 Jeffrey SmithKevin Smith
Nancy Smith
Kelly CooperRichard Teachout
Patricia Teachout
Kevin RaunerJune Ring
Yvonne Dahl
Dale H. Baker
Kathleen Baker
Katherine Casburn
Joan Carlson
Kyle MurphyScott Murphy
Lauren GlennThomas Glenn
Anne Glenn
Mari AllisonTed Allison
Ann Allison
Mariann SekulaWalter Sekula
Karen Sekula Davis
Mason Carter SchererThomas Scherer
Daria Scherer
Max BoswellSteven C. Boswell
Maxwell FoutchShawn Foutch
Meg Foutch
Michael GrandazzaLinda Miller
Michael JungwirthJoan Jungwirth
Mike JaynesLeah Haran
Larry King
Michelle FordThe William Vaughan Company
Jeff Mogg
Nicholas LamendolaRuth Gammons
Ralph BaumgartnerCarol Doyle
Richard Kyle KnightJoan W. Williams
Stanley Williams Jr.
Richard T. WeberDonna Weber
Robby BackensonPeter Backenson
Mary Ann Backenson
Robert Howard KayeShari Spitzer
Alan Reed AbelmanShari Spitzer 
Greg Stuart AbelmanShari Spitzer 
Pauline KayeShari Spitzer 
Sandee AbelmanShari Spitzer 
Jay AbelmanShari Spitzer 
Robin LoercherShane Loercher
April Loercher
Robyn Leigh HolyokeThomas Holyoke
 Carol Holyoke 
Tyler John HolyokeThomas Holyoke 
Carol Holyoke
Ronald CrawfordMary Cain
John Cain
Richard Wohlgamuth
Ruthanne Wohlgamuth
Ronnie and Anna CutsorJames Cutsor
Marie Cutsor
Patrick Cutsor
Ryan NelsonNancy Silver
Sean McCoyRichard McCoy
Christi McCoy
Shane MasseyAmantha Massey-McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin
Shayde RudenickRichard G. Kalar
Stephani Kalar
TannaLynne PutzlerRoger Putzler
Linda Putzler
Terry Christopher DunhamTerry Dunham
Susan Dunham
Trevor GavinKyle Wong
Derek Gavin
Wilder P. UmbargerEvelyn BurgessWilder is my 5 year old grandson who passed from ALD five months after his diagnosis. We have to find a cure, and promote newborn testing in ALL states!!!
William ArmstrongLora Armstrong
Zenko BihunOleh Saciuk
Zenovia BihunOleh Saciuk
Anthony StamerroAllyson Grames
Samuel BergerEdward Beer
Richard Parilla
Jeffrey Beer
Jay Berger
Vicki Berger
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