The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of June 2023. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815-748-3211.

In honor of

SofiaJan Ainger
MygelybellyKarla Borge
Daxton WallaceSandra Wallace
Alan FingerootMichael WaxIn Honor of Alan’s 70th birthday
Sue Wax

In memory of

Zenko & Zenovia BihunOleh Saciuk
Roxolana Saciuk
Thomas ReisingCarol McGinley
James McGinley
Thomas Blandford Sr.Thomas Blandford Jr.
The Butler BoysRobert Butler
Stephanie Reed LewisMark Fraiman
Roger BarndollarSue Hartmann
Charles Fenical
Robert P. “Rob” ChildersGerry Cates
Debby Roan
Jim Tom Butler
Peter MacDonaldMargaret Shatilla
Myles MacDonald
Paul MorkavageJoanna Gallant
Steven Gallant
Krystal Renee JonesBeverly Jones
Kimberly RaleighPhilip Raleigh
Patricia Raleigh
Kevin RaunerMark Schmiedeskamp
Royann Schmiedeskamp
Joan CzajaJohn Sheahan
Karen Sheahan
Jennifer NeuhartJustin Neuhart
Liberty Mutual Group
Gregory Ryan BrownRichard Strommen
Brownie’s Pro and Sports Hobbies Shop
John C. Brown
Carol Brown
George E. HainesCheryl L Haines
Francis MileyDenise JukniewiczOur thoughts and prayers are with Barbara and Stephen at this sorrowful time.
Eli BonneyJohn Bonney Jr.
Elizabeth Bonney
Dylan ChangleVMware Foundation
MJ McCarty“Dylans Quest for Cure”
Daniel Gimpert & David ShumanAnn Kahler
Anna P CampagnoneLaurence K. Flynn
Bernadette A. Flynn
Andy FingerootTerry AzoseIn honor of your special birthday