ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of July 2023. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at office@ulf.org or by calling 815-748

in honor of

Asa and her familyCaitlyn Backes
In honor of Asa and her family
Daxton WallaceSandra Wallace
Maddy SchmiedelCandice Zak
Tammy RobertsHappy anniversary Karen and Timbo!❤️❤️
Mark BrandonSusan Brandon
Sam Brandon
MygelybellyKarla Borge
SofiaJan Ainger
The Maloney FamilyAnonymous
Timothy & Karen MaloneyDavid & Patricia CieslikTimothy & Karen Maloney’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Richard CarineFor Tim & Karen Maloney’s 50th
wedding annv. gift!
Zane DialSandra Dial
Michael Dial

in memory of

Andy and Michelle FingerootAlan Fingeroot
Arthur PhillipsHoward Spitzer
Dane Patrick SinnottSinnott’s Sand Bar
Patrick Sinnott
Debra Sinnott
Daniel Gimpert & David ShumanAnn Kahler
Francis MileyEugene Blasko
Sandra Platoni
Cynthia SaffiotiWith Our Deepest Sympathy to the Miley Family. Frank and Cindy
Jennifer NeuhartJustin NeuhartBenevity – Liberty Mutual
Joshua Dylan Steiner &  Jason & Justin D’AgostinoDiane Steiner
Harvey Steiner
Krystal Renee JonesBeverly Jones
Lindsey Dayle ElliottPatricia Elliott
Marion LewisDavid John
Robert P. “Rob” ChildersMyra Hise
Ellis Hise
Laura Alexander
Roger RussellSade Scruggs
Sammy ZeltserAleksandr Zeltser
Shane Mitchell KeelerMickey Mitchell
Donnie Mitchell
Stephanie Reed LewisNoelle StewartThis donation is in memory of  Aunt Steph.  May there be a cure one day!
Courtney and Darryl Gonzalez
Eric Sommers
Tammy Tober
Allan & Gwyn ToberWe watched a dear friend deal with this disease for many years.
Kari PullinsIn Loving Memory of Aunt Stephanie
George & Laurie Fadil
Thomas Blandford Sr.Thomas Blandford Jr.