The ULF received donations in memorial or honorarium for the following during the month of January 2021. We apologize for any inadvertent omittance or misspellings. Please notify us if we have made a mistake at or by calling 815.748.3211.


Aryabella Haeger
Shannon Wright – In behalf of Star Chaser Crafts 

Aveline Brendel
Lyndsay Stewart 

Joshua Haskins
William Haskins 
Carol Haskins 

Kathleen A. DiClaudio
James Panacek 

Noland Haeger
Shannon Wright 

The Schmidt Family
James R. Carson 
Diane Schmidt 

Will Armstrong
Steven Scheige


Annie Christensen
Rachel Mason 

Dane Patrick Sinnott
Jan Stukenholtz 
Becky Taylor – Dane passed away on January 8th at the age of 14. He was a fighter with a smile that could light up a room! This donation is to honor his battle with Leukodystrophy and provide hope for a cure. 

Emily Janda – Dane’s brave spirit will live on and continue to inspire those that love him. We will miss you Dane! 

Ursula, Juerg und Nino Haldemann 
Kathleen Leutzinger 
Thomas F. Leutzinger 

Daniel J. Plaskett
Eichner Real Estate, Inc. 
Charles F. Adams 
Wanda S. Adams 

Dylan May
Phil May 

Grace Ragon
Brian Fox 
Nana Fox 

J. Kenneth Smith, Jr.

Katherine Hope Welch
John Welch 
Carol Coburn 

Mitchell Taylor
Jean Stockwell – In loving memory of Mitch. 
Kay E. Taylor 

Robby Backenson
Bryon Backenson 
Kathleen Backenson 

Roger Plaskett
Dennis E. Andrews 
Bonnie F. Andrews 
Catherine Bulger 
Eichner Real Estate, Inc. 
Charles F. Adams 
Wanda S. Adams 

Sean McCoy
Richard McCoy 
Christi McCoy 

Sharon and Shayde Rudenick
Ronald Dusa 

Stephanie A. Panacek
James Panacek 

Suzanne Yamnitz
Larry Yamnitz 
Delores Yamnitz 

Terry Serra, Jr.
Terry Serra 
Cheryl Serra 

Doris Schooner 

Wilder Burgess
Umbarger Lillian Gotts 
Evelyn Burgess 
Lawerence L. Burgess 

William Armstrong
Steven Scheige

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